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About us

Have you ever completed a hike or some other event and you wanted the t-shirt that said it? Well I climbed KoKo Head Crater Railway on Oahu Hawaii in 2016. After that grueling event I want everyone on Oahu and the world to know I did it. I thought I was in shape until I started that climb. This particular climb is an old World War II train track that goes up what I would call a mountain and it was intense. At the top is a beautiful view of Oahu, one of the Hawaiian Islands. But the journey down was just as bad as the way up shaky legs and all. Later my legs became soar and it lasted for weeks. Well after that I wanted the T-Shirt for it and could not find one. That birthed the idea of I did it gear and apparel or There are walks, runs, races, hikes, climbs, and events all over the world that are happening and the only memories are the pictures if there are any. We want to change that. Let us make you a beach towel of your swimming accomplishment. Let us know about these walks, runs, races, hikes, climbs, and events. We would love to make tank tops for your walks, runs, races, hikes, climbs or special events or to commemorate it afterwards. Contact us at Thank you for taking the time to reads this. Use the code IDIDIT to get a 10% discount at check out as a gift from us to you.